Unreal Estate

unreal estate game box

Unreal Estate is a 2-5 player card game for ages 13 and up with straightforward rules and beautifully illustrated cards. It’s easy to teach people new to the board gaming hobby, but it has a unique scoring mechanism and tricky decisions experienced gamers will appreciate.

What People are Saying About Unreal Estate

Received my copy [of Unreal Estate] in time for it to be a birthday gift from the kids to their dad. We have played a few games with the whole family and we love it!

Louise, Kickstarter Backer

It’s a great option for bringing familiy members and friends to the table who aren’t gamers.

Unreal Estate is smooth and strategic with whimsical art and rich player interaction. Green light!”

I’m really glad I got to play this game. It’s fast, it’s fun, there are good decisions to be made, and the art is great.

How to Play

And, if you’d like to test out the game firsthand, you can get the sample print ‘n play and try it at home!

Base game includes:

Wooden first player token
Score track
5 sets of scoring pawns
60 Building cards (yellow banners): 12 Halfling House, 10 Dwaven Tavern, 8 Wizard’s Tower, 7 Magic Items Shop, 6 Armory, 5 Elven Treehouse, 4 Enchanted Castle, 8 Holy Sanctuary (for adding a 5th player),
20 Special cards (blue banners), 2 each: Airship, Thieves’ Guild, Orc Outpost, Gnomish Steamworks, Troll Bridge, Goblin Bank, Dark Castle, Witch’s Hut, Fairy House, and Ogre Tent
Rule book
Scorpions (Some imagination required. See this episode of Building the Game Podcast, ~46 minute mark.)

Gothic Estates Expansion

During certain promotions and particularly at conventions, we will sell a 9-card mini expansion that adds a few new special cards. The expansion includes:
1 Haunted Caravan card
8 new Special Building cards: 2 Mad Scientist’s Lab, 2 Werewolf Cavern, 2 Vampire Crypt, and 2 Druid’s Circle. (This expansion is not for sale through regular retail channels, but we have made it available as part of the expanded Unreal Estate Deluxe Print’n Play.)

Unreal Estate has Gone Digital!

Thanks to our partnership with Afterthought Games, Unreal Estate is now available in digital form across all of your favorite devices! Check out their Steam play-through demo video to see all the details.

The digital version of Unreal Estate allows solo play against an AI or multiplayer mode for remote play with friends!

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