Ticket to Ride Challenge

Ticket to Ride What's My Score Challenge: The Box Cover

Time for some fun! We’re going to start something new over here at the Guild: the”What’s My Score?” challenge. In this first challenge we bring you a modern classic, Ticket to Ride.

While the entire world, including me, is focused on the Endeavor: Age of Sail Kickstarter that launched today, we bring to you this our very first “What’s My Score?” challenge.

Every so often, we’ll post some pictures of a game. Based on the pictures, we want you to determine a score. Once you figure it out, submit your answer to let us know what you think the score is. From all of the submissions with the correct answer, we’ll draw and send a small prize.

The below images of the routes to complete and the final board at game’s end, coupled with some knowledge of the rules for Ticket to Ride, will help you arrive at the correct answer.

Ticket to Ride What's My Score challenge - 3 Ticket to Ride cards: Montreal to Dallas 13, Vancouver to Santa Fe 13, and Seattle to New York 20 Ticket to Ride What's My Score challenge game board: the blue player has 45 pieces on the board with full connections between Santa Fe, Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Sault Ste. Marie, Montreal, Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C. as well as a separate set of connections between Dallas, Little Rock, and St. Louis

So, can you tell us what the blue player scored? Submit your answer, and we’ll announce the winner in our next What’s My Score? on Tue Feb 27. Good luck!

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  1. Jason Origer

    Within this very first challenge, we provide you a contemporary classic, Ticket to Ride.The below pictures of these paths to finish and the last plank at match’s end, combined with some understanding of the principles for Ticket to perform, can allow you to arrive at the right answer.

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