stroop game box

Stroop is a fast-paced card game for 2-4 players ages 13 and up.

Battling against the Stroop Effect while you play is a fantastic mental workout, and is sure to get everyone involved and laughing. The rules are easy to learn, but the game play is hard to master.

What People are Saying About Stroop

My daughter kicked my [butt] at this, and now I must buy it!

GenCon Mother

I can’t wait to see the expressions on my colleagues’ faces when [Stroop] hits the gaming table at lunch.

Carl, Indiana

Stroop is an entertaining little game that’s going to melt some people’s brains.

We’ve had tons of fun demoing this fast and funny game at conventions and game stores far and wide. We hope you’ll enjoy sharing it with your friends and family, too!

How to Play

If you’d like to test out the game firsthand, you can get the sample print ‘n play and try it at home!

Plus, when you download the PnP, you’ll also get a rules for the “pick up” variant from the designer, Jonathan Chaffer. This variant introduces a new mode of play that, while still challenging, makes for a less frantic gameplay experience. It’s great for both beginners and those strong, silent-types in your life.

Base game includes:

65 Standard Stroop cards
For starting players, these use the attributes of color, style, size, and number of letters.
45 Advanced Stroop cards
These add the attributes of forward and backward for an extra brain-bending play experience.

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