Stroop Sample

stroop sample print'n play sheets

Download the Stroop PnP to gain access to both the PnP and the variant rules for this fast-paced card game based on the Stroop Effect. The variant rules from the designer, Jonathan Chaffer, provide a new mode of play that, while still challenging, makes for a less frantic gameplay experience. It’s a great variant for beginners!

In the official version of the game, you’ll race to empty your deck before your opponents. Your brain will bend in all sorts of ways, especially when the second round turns the rules on their head! It’s a mind game where your own mind works against you.

The cards in Stroop each display a single word. The words are printed in several colors (black, red, blue, and yellow), sizes (big and little), styles (hollow and solid) and have different numbers of letters (three, four, five, and six). The challenge is to read one word and quickly match it with the description of another word—without regard to what the second word says. Check out the How to Play video for more.

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