Stroop Deluxe Print & Play

Stroop is a real-time observation game placing various cognitive processes at odds with one another. Colors, numbers and basic words will shuffle the mind in a frenzy of competitive card play.

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No. Of Players
2 - 4 players
Playing Time
15 minutes

Get the Stroop digital file at a reduced cost vs retail.  After completing an easy home assembly, you'll enjoy the mind-bending fun of racing to empty your hand of these crazy-confusing cards before your friends.

This high-resolution, full color downloadable PDF includes all the cards you would find in the retail version of Stroop plus a player aid you can use as a teaching tool when introducing the game to friends.

The file also contains helpful instructions for home assembly to make it easy to start playing with your new game as quickly as possible. 

These instant-access files are a great way to experience Stroop without the hassle and expense of shipping.


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