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No. Of Players
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15-20 min

Words of a Feather is a beautiful party game with a unique focus on presentation and table presence. Players reveal words from the general supply and add their own words to the mix. All players try to write down matching words based on the clues provided. Players can bet their points if they are feeling confident about a match.

All players start with 3 words (cards) in their hand. On their turn, a player reveals 2 words from the general supply. The active player selects 2 words from their hand as clues and says, out loud, one additional word to make 3 clues. They write down their secret word and all players then write down a word that they think will match with another player.

All players receive 1 point if they write a word that matches with at least one other player. The active player scores 1 point for each person that writes down the same word(s) as them. All players can also place a bet of 1-2 points from their own supply. If a betting player matches with any other player, they double their bet in addition to the regular points they receive.

The game continues until all the cards are gone or 15 or more points are scored.