Murder Mystery Movie Pack

Add murderous mayhem to Roll Camera!

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GASP! The screenwriter of your murder mystery movie has been...MURDERED! Even worse, they were keeping the ending to their whodunnit script a secret until shooting began. Now you don't know who the fictional culprit in your movie is supposed to be! And all the characters are suspects...

You'll just have to figure it out as you go. Plant clues in the scenes while shooting, and you'll probably narrow it down by the end. Right?? Roll Camera!

Roll Camera! Story Packs give a little thematic cinematic boost to your madcap movie-making, with all-new components and a small rules twist. The Murder Mystery Story Pack brings a new dimension to the Set grid, where careful camera placement determines which Suspects you can rule out as your movie's culprit. This pack includes 10 whodunnit-themed Scene cards, 3 new Ideas, 3 new Problems, 1 new Equipment card (all backwards compatible with the base game) as well as 15 Suspect cards and a punchboard with new Backdrop strips and a new main board action.

On top of all that, there are intriguing clues scattered among the Scene cards, creating a devilish puzzle which, when solved, will reveal the ACTUAL killer of your movie's screenwriter...!

The Murder Mystery Story Pack can be played as an isolated module, replacing certain main game components for a highly thematic one-off game, or simply mixed in with the rest of the game and any previous expansions.