Preorder for Gen Con 2019

Planning on going to Gen Con 2019? Want to preorder a game and save shipping costs? Preorder now and pick up your copy at our booth. We'll have it ready for you!


THE ARTEMIS PROJECT - Preorder for Gen Con 2019

Daring you to the moon of Europa, The Artemis Project is among the space games with countless outcomes.

The first 100 preorders receive a FREE Directives Mini-Expansion! Preorder now or preview the Directives cards. (69 left!)

SHIKOKU - Preorder for Gen Con 2019​

Shikoku is a racing game that uses mantra cards to guide your delicate journey toward the temple.

endeavor age of sail game box 750x641v2

ENDEAVOR: AGE OF SAIL - Preorder for Gen Con 2019

Endeavor: Age of Sail is a Euro strategy board game spanning the globe amidst a historical time of prosperity and domination.

pocket ops game box

POCKET OPS - Preorder for Gen Con 2019

Saving the day isn’t quite as simple as tic-tac-toe when powers of prediction are at play in Pocket Ops. Keep your moves discreet in this pocket games world of spies.

stroop game box

STROOP - Preorder for Gen Con 2019

Stroop is a real-time observation, brain game where your cognitive processes will be at odds with one another. Colors, numbers and basic words will shuffle the mind in a frenzy of competitive card play.


UNREAL ESTATE - Preorder for Gen Con 2019

Unreal Estate is a fast-moving, artful fantasy card game. Create a Guildmore fantasy district beyond imagination.