The Unreal Estate App

Thanks to our partnership with Afterthought Games, Unreal Estate is now available in digital form across all of your favorite devices! Check out their Steam play-through demo video to see all the details.

In Unreal Estate, the City Council has hired you to design the best fantasy district. Each round you’ll draft cards, score Building cards, or surprise your opponents with Special Building card effects.  Rejected designs go to the Scrap Pile. As demand for a Building grows, you can propose a building project to score. Time your plays carefully to keep the other architects from scoring before you. Brought to life by the original art of Corinne Roberts, Guildmore is a city you’ll want to visit time and again!

Now, the digital version of Unreal Estate allows solo play against an AI or multiplayer mode for remote play with friends!

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Unreal Estate on iOS

We’ve got all you Apple users covered with the app’s release to the App Store!

Unreal Estate on Android

We didn’t leave out Android users, either. In fact, Android was the first mobile device that supported the game!

Unreal Estate on Android

Both of our little companies were thrilled to find that this game blasted through the Steam Green-light process, and the digital version became available to the masses via Steam.

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