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Dates: Preorder open: NOW – Sep 10

Coupon code: GENCON



Dates: Preorder open: NOW – Sep 25

Coupon Code: ORIGINS

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Convention Products

Available for pickup at each convention

*NOTE:  20% off when you order 3 or more items*

The Artemis Project KS Pioneer edition

A new frontier among space games.


A deck-sculpting card game.

Endeavor: Age of Expansion KS edition

Take the Endeavor mechanisms you know and love and use them with a new set of buildings and cards for all-new game play and interaction.

Gorinto KS edition

A game of elemental wisdom.

Gorinto Retail edition

A game of elemental wisdom.

Gorinto 5th player expansion

Allow a 5th player to master the elements!

Holiday Hijinks #1: The Kringle Caper

Your help is needed at the North Pole. Can you catch the Christmas crook?

Holiday Hijinks #2: The Independence Incident

Race the thieves to locate an American treasure!

Holiday Hijinks #3: The Pumpkin Problem

 Trick-or-treating is in grave danger. Can you save Halloween and find the missing candy? 

Meeple Grilling Spatula

For the gamer who has it all. Be a master at the gaming table AND over your grill.


A battle amongst the gods to collect four Elements.

Pocket Ops + Hypnotist mini-expansion

Keep your moves discreet in this pocket-sized world of spies.

Rare Roses

A beautiful, highly interactive family game of floral design that will provide hours of fun.


A racing game of clever card play to guide your temple journey.


Enflame your brain! The thinkiest filler you’ll ever play.

Roll Camera!

The film-making board game.