Roll Camera Christmas Movie Story Pack

The Grizwalds have nothing on you!

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No. Of Players
Playing Time
45-90 min

'Tis the season once again! You've got big plans to capitalize on the genre that everyone loves (or loves to hate): X-mas Movies! But for some reason you thought it would be a good idea to film your holiday film over the holidays, posing a serious risk to your crew's mood during this moody time of year. Luckily, the spirit of the season is all about the giving and receiving of material possessions, and you've got some special ones wrapped and ready to go in case things get grinchy. ROLL CAMERA!

Roll Camera! Story Packs give a little thematic cinematic boost to your madcap movie-making, with all-new components and a small rules twist. The X-Mas Movie Story Pack introduces a Cheer Tracker to monitor the holiday mood of your crew: let it fall too low and you'll incur grumpiness penalties, but give other players (or yourself) new Gift cards to keep spirits high.

This pack includes 12 Gift cards, 10 holiday-themed Scene cards, 3 Idea cards, 1 Equipment card, 4 Script halves, 1 Cheer Track, 8 holiday prop tokens, and 3 new"X-mas Ghost" cards - a new twist on Problems with a Dickensian flair. The X-mas Movie Story Pack can be played as an isolated module, replacing certain main game components for a highly thematic one-off game, or simply mixed in with the rest of the game and any previous expansions.