The Fog: Escape from Paradise deluxe

The mysterious fog approaches. Can you escape in time?

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The FOG is a competitive, challenging, and thrilling game with 45 to 75 minutes of playing time for 1 to 4 players. It is about villagers of a lonely island who are trying in panic to reach their boats at the beach to still escape the rapidly approaching mysterious and life-threatening FOG.

The game combines tactical depth with high variability through the islanders' many different movement options and a very variable setup.

You are playing a mystical Island Guardian coordinating the difficult path of several self-drafted islanders towards their boats – trying to save as many of them as you can. Each turn you use the available movement points for the various movement options like running, swapping, pushing, squeeze through, jumping, and crossing to move your islanders forward.

So choose your islanders wisely and move them more effectively and anticipatory than your fellow players. While the beach is packed and everyone is in panic, will you stay calm and ensure that your islanders reach the rescuing boats before the FOG swallows them?
When the FOG reaches the shore, the boats will depart and each player will receive or lose rescuing points in several categories. Then it will be known who collected the most rescuing points and wins against The FOG and the fellow players.

Watch Brody explain how to play!