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No. Of Players
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40-60 min

Become one of the greatest classical composers of all time! You'll use inspiration, seek fortune and hobnob with aristocrats to perform musical masterpieces and achieve your legacy in this engine building game for 1-4 players. Get inspired by your rivals' performances to create your own works of genius as the game builds to a crescendo.

Each turn, players choose one of four actions: Seek Inspiration, Seek Fortune, Seek Patronage, or Perform. Inspiration is your primary resource and it comes in three tones - Joy, Passion and Sorrow. Seeking inspiration allows you to gain your resource while all of the other actions will have players spend inspiration to acquire cards. Fortune cards help build your engine, which can allow you to gain bonus actions on your turn. Patron cards can also help build your engine or can give you bonus legacy points for end game scoring. Chamber Music and Concert Music cards give you lots of legacy points, but every time you perform, your opponents can attend your performance and gain inspiration. You will not only have a special ability as your specific composer, but you are also the only person who can compose your very own Magnum Opus. Complete specific goals to gain Maestro cards and end the game.

Compose your masterpiece. Secure your legacy.

Wanna see how it plays? It's easy! Just watch this How to Play video: