Independence Incident + Kringle Caper Bundle + Pumpkin Problem

The Kringle Caper, The Independence Incident, and The Pumpkin Problem in one bundle!

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No. Of Players
1+ players
Playing Time
60 minutes per game

The first three games in the Holiday Hijinks series!

Each game is an 18-card escape room experience for 1 or more players, and takes about 60 minutes to solve cooperatively. A companion website will help you check answers and get hints if you need them.

This is the Print and Play edition of the game, and not a physical product.

The Kringle Caper: Baby, it's cold outside, and shenanigans are afoot at the North Pole. It's up to you to figure out what happened and save Christmas.

The Independence Incident: It’s the 4th of July, and a great treasure may be hiding somewhere near our nation's capital. Work together to piece together the clues, follow the trail, and let freedom ring!

The Pumpkin Problem: Trick-or-treating is in grave danger. You can feel it in your bones: someone in the neighborhood is a monster! Can you save Halloween and find the missing candy?