Endangered: New Species

A board game expansion of survival: new animals need your help to ensure their continued existence.

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No. Of Players
1 - 5 players
Playing Time
60 minutes

Jaguar & tapir, sea turtles, polar bears, elephants, California condors, and the Devils Hole pupfish. The race is on to save 7 species in 6 new scenarios. Can you convince the UN in time, all while racing to keep populations healthy and destruction at bay?

This is a big box expansion for Endangered. The base game is required to play.


The solid gameplay of the Endangered system provides the backdrop for all of the new animal scenarios. While each species brings new wrinkles to your challenge, they all share the foundation of a cooperative race against the calendar and other threats.

ACTIONS. Roll your dice and then place them onto the Action spots, activating a variety of useful abilities. Stuff like moving animals around, managing the destruction of the environment, trying to influence ambassadors, preparing for Impacts, and playing cards from your hand. As the game goes on, you will be adding Actions to the play area which will develop your team's capabilities. Work together to form the best skill set!